Uzin Substrate Preparation Guide

Find the Guide

Find the Guide

Substrate preparation ...

... is a vital part of success of any floor covering installation. Regardless of the substrate composition, it is the foundation which serves as the platform for the installation of any floor covering. The UZIN Substrate Preparation Guide is intended to communicate jobsite qualification requirements, common industry surface preparation methods and equipment, and methods to avoid in order to produce the best possible substrate ready for the application of UZIN products.

It also communicates appropriate UZIN product options and systems to meet floor covering manufacturer specifications. You can find the Substrate Preparation Guide on our website.

Applicators and Tools

Choosing and using

the recommended applicator or tool is essential to achieving the desired final result. They will eliminate costly call-backs or repairs from either too much or too little material being used with an incorrect applicator.

Contact the UZIN Service Department for additional help with applicator selection.