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Aurora, Colo. , 07-17-2017 - NEW! UZIN Primers Now in Gallon Containers

UZIN announced the newest packaging option for three key primers including UZIN PE 280 Super-Fast Primer, UZIN PE 414 Turbo Surface Strengthener/Primer/MVR and UZIN PE 460 Moisture Vapor Retarder/Primer. These products will now be sold in 1 gallon units which are ideal for use on smaller size areas like elevators, lavatories and maintenance supply rooms or for filling in the remaining square footage on larger projects. In addition to being easier to handle, these new sizes will provide a green solution that will keep unused material from being discarded into the waste stream.

About UZIN and UFLOOR Systems Inc.

Based in Aurora, CO, UFLOOR Systems Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Uzin-Utz AG, Ulm, Germany. The company was founded in 1911 and is a vertically integrated manufacturer of product systems designed for the preparation, installation, finishing and care of all types of floorcoverings. UFLOOR Systems offers its products under the Uzin® (moisture mitigation, primers, leveling compounds and adhesives), Pallmann® (Hardwood Complete: subfloor preparation, adhesives, sanding, surface treatment & floor care) and Wolff® (floor strippers, grinders and installation tools) brand names. For more information visit the UFLOOR Systems website: or call 866-505-4810.




Kirk Francis

Marketing Director



Phone: 866-505-4810